const cus = {
    email: atob("Y2?udGFjdEBjdXNvNDUuY2?t".replaceAll("?","9")),
    location: "Earth",
    ide: ["Rider", "CLion", "PyCharm", "WebStorm"],
    editor: "Visual Studio Code",
    tab: "4 spaces",
    languages: ["C# (Web BE fw: ASP.NET Core)", "Rust", "C++ (UI fw: Qt Quick)", "Python", "TypeScript (Web FE fw: Angular)", "Go (Web BE fw: Echo (with ent ORM)"],
    interests: ["Programming", "VOCALOID (EN&CN)", "Painting (?)", "Rhythm Game (Arcaea)"],
    pgp_fingerprint: "E205FFF04735F83098429B91775F5CD8815590C3",
    telegram_n_signal: "it's easy to find if u have basic ability to discover info" 
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PRESS and HOLD the screen to let the ball rise.

A game I made for learning JavaScript when I was in middle school.

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